IQOS HEETS Dimensions Yugen

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Iqos Heets Dimensions Yugen is made of fresh chords of aromatic herbs and floral tinge will keep you amazed. You will feel the fruity tones with the creaminess of tobacco.

  • Carton contains 10 packs of HEETS tobacco sticks. Each pack contains 20 sticks, for a total of 200 sticks.
  • IQOS HEETS are real tobacco sticks made for IQOS ‘Heat Not Burn’ products.

Customers reviews

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  1. Naman Kumar

    A top-notch tobacco alternative. Slim, stylish, and bursting with flavor.

  2. Rakshit Bhalla

    Compact elegance, robust tobacco flavor. A delightful experience for those who seek both style and substance.

  3. Ashtha Gautam

    Sleek, rich, and pocket-sized. Yugen’s dimensions make it a top choice for a satisfying tobacco alternative.
    Must buy it!

  4. Manish Saran

    Elegant design, and flavorful dimensions. I’m happy with smoke house india.

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