ELF BAR Pi9000 Rechargeable Device

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Puffs:9000 PUFFS
Nicotine 50mg (5%)
Capacity: 19ML
Rechargeable Battery (Type-C Port)
Battery: 650MAH

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Elf Bar has launched new products for the Malaysian market Elf Bar PI 9000. Its shape is very novel, it looks like a pillow. Of course, you don’t have to worry about his taste, because the physical and chemical effect of e-liquid is as silky and delicate as a pillow.

  • Raspberry passion fruit
  • Orange Strawberry Ice
  • Watermelon ice
  • Grape Raspberry
  • Cola ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Blueberry ice
  • Elf bull Ice
  • Pink lemon
  • Lemon Mint

Blueberry Ice, Cola Ice, Elf Bull Ice, Grape Raspberry, Lemon Mint, Orange Strawberry Ice, Peach Ice, Pink Lemon, Raspberry Passion Fruit, WATERMELON ICE

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  1. Navneet Datta

    Unmatched convenience! Elf Bar Pi 9000’s rechargeable design and 9000 puffs are incredible. Kudos, Smoke House India!

  2. Vinay Pathak

    Elf Bar Pi 9000 – rechargeable joy with 9000 puffs. Smoke House India, you’ve set the standard for quality service!

  3. Sonam Dewan

    Vape longevity! Elf Bar Pi 9000’s rechargeable design is a winner. Thanks to Smoke House India for excellent service!

  4. Shivaay Chawla

    Puff with ease! Elf Bar Pi 9000 offers 9000 puffs and rechargeable convenience. Smoke House India, you’ve impressed me again!

  5. Rivaan Biswas

    Vape freedom! Elf Bar Pi 9000’s rechargeable feature is a game-changer. Smoke House India, thanks for the top-quality experience!

  6. Jiyansh Arya

    Effortless excellence! Elf Bar Pi 9000 offers 9000 puffs and rechargeable ease. Kudos to Smoke House India for outstanding service!

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